SKRL is a corporation rich in diversity, resources, and experience that brings all of the following factors to bear to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of its customers. These factors are just a few of the advantages that allow SKRL to furnish its customers with high-quality products at competitive prices.

All-In-One Solutions
SKRL Inc. combines Engineering, Tooling, and Production functions at one location. These functions interact on a continual basis to provide the customer with efficient realization of production programs. This integration also provides the customer with the ability to effect product changes and troubleshoot potential issues in as expedient a manner as is possible. SKRL also has a dedicated network of suppliers throughout North America that further enhance its ability to provide the customer with all-in-one solutions.

Longevity and Experience
SKRL has been in business under the same family’s ownership for more than fifty years. This stability in a time when a significant number of corporations frequently change ownership provides the customer with consistency, stability, and a level of experience that many corporations cannot match. Thus SKRL has been and will be a dependable source to its customers for years to come.

SKRL’s QS9000 registration insures that we have a viable quality system in place to provide our customers with the quality that they expect. In addition, our Quality Control personnel are heavily cross-trained so that they have an exceptional working knowledge of SKRL’s products and processes.

As a result of SKRL’s all-in-one approach we can provide the customer with an equivalent or superior product to that of our competitors at an extremely competitive price.

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All-Inclusive Operation

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