SKRL was founded by Stanley Skrlj in 1950 as a five-man tool and die shop that specialized in fixtures, gauges, and molds for customers in the greater Cleveland area. As SKRL matured in the 1960ís, it developed specializations in high-precision fixturing and gauging for the aerospace and defense industries, as well as dies and molds for Cleveland-area industry.

In 1966 SKRL moved into what was then a 25,000 square foot facility at its current location in Eastlake, OH. At the time of the move SKRL employed more than 50 tool makers.

In 1960 SKRL added an engineering department to provide its customers with one-stop design-and-build capability. The engineering department, initially two people, swelled to four by 1962. When SKRL moved to its current location in 1966 there were six design engineers on the payroll.

In 1967 SKRL started die casting aluminum at the request of one of its major tooling customers. SKRL added 10,000 square feet to its facility and began casting gas meter bodies with four die cast machines. More casting for other industries followed, and in 1971 SKRL was awarded its first automotive die casting contract.

In 1973 SKRL expanded its facility by another 10,000 square feet and three more machines. SKRL continued to expand until the mid 1990ís, at which point SKRL had, as it still has, 12 die cast machines in its facility ranging from 800 to 1200 English tons in capacity.

In 1989 SKRL built its first compression molding press for thermoset composites, and began molding valve covers for automotive powertrain applications. Since that time the composites department has expanded to comprise three molding machines and a 15,000 square foot machining and assembly area area. SKRL has molded valve covers, upper engine covers, and various other components for automotive applications in bulk and sheet-molded composite materials.

Through the latter half of the 1990s SKRL concentrated on developing its technological abilities. Two Unigraphics workstations were added, ushering in three-dimensional modeling and CADD at SKRL. These technologies allowed SKRL Engineering to produce designs for tooling, automated machining and assembly equipment, fixturing, and gauging in less time and with greater accuracy than ever before. As the new millenium dawns SKRL continues to expand its technological abilities so that it can maintain its competitiveness now and for years to come.

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